Terminator : Dark Fate 2019

Terminator : Dark Fate (2019) ฅนเหล็ก : วิกฤตชะตาโลก

Terminator : Dark Fate

Terminator : Dark Fate Three years after the demise of Cyberdyne Systems in 1998, Sarah and John Connor were enjoying their lives on a beach in Livingston, Guatemala when they were attacked by T-800 Terminator. The Terminator, one of many returned to the past by Skynet kills John and then vanishes within a couple of minutes in spite of Sarah trying to stop it.

2020 2020 The Rev-9 is an advanced Terminator. In order to kill Dani Ramos, he is transferred back to Mexico City. Grace, a cybernetically-enlisted soldier is assigned as Dani’s defense until 2042.

Grace, Dani and Sarah escape to the hotel. Instead, nuclear weapons were used. The result was the emergence of a nuclear Holocaust that led to AI forming an entire system of machines that could destroy all survivors of humanity. The survivors organized the Human Resistance to counter Legion’s attacks. Dani’s fate was linked to their war against Legion.

Grace track Sarah’s messages through Laredo, Texas. In an attempt to avoid the Rev-9 and authorities as they travel across the Mexico-United States border, they reach their point of entry, and they find the same T-800 that killed John. Having fulfilled its mission and without Skynet no longer existing, the T-800 was left in the desert. After a time of learning it became aware. It gained information from humans, and developed a conscience. It adopted the name “Carl” and becoming part of the human family. When Sarah’s condition became apparent and being able to discern the shifts in time, Carl decided that he warned her to inform her of plans to amend their ways. Carl offers to assist them in the struggle against the Rev-9. They are preparing to eliminate the Rev-9. Sarah is reluctantly willing to work with them for Dani’s advantage. In anticipation of Rev-9’s arrival Carl says goodbye to its families and advises them to flee.

They look for an army-grade electromagnetic pulse generator (EMP generator) that Sarah’s friend lent them. Rev-9 snatches them up and triggers Grace, Sarah and Dani to tumble from their planes in a river that is near an hydroelectric power plant. Carl and Rev-9 then capture them.

After defeat, the group takes residence in the facility.

Dani and Sarah take a break to take a look at Grace’s fun on the playground. Dani will not let Grace go to sleep. death, and the Legion’s rise. Dani informs Sarah to prepare. Grace observes as they leave.


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